Stephanie is the real deal! No tarot, no crystals, no crystal ball- a purely gifted psychic!  I came to Stephanie (or should i say, Stephanie came to me) when I was filled with self-doubt, fear and worry about my career.  Without me saying a word, Stephanie was able to get to the root of my fears and then showed me how to overcome them with practical and spiritual tools.  Since then, I’ve had a couple of readings by Stephanie and always feel so empowered from her wisdom and love!    She is truly an angel on Earth and I am so fortunate to have found her!

~Nina P.

Stephanie, a truly gentle soul, was able to free up my blockages and release the healing energies within me whereas conventional medicine had failed.
After my initial healing with Stephanie, she taught me how to apply what I learned to help my own clients heal their issues and blockages.
Stephanie is amazingly accurate and intuitively understands your healing needs while she guides you through the healing process.

Julie S. Ruddeck, MS, RD

I am so grateful to receive such wonderful guidance from Stephanie. Her energy is beautiful and she is also a beautiful person inside and out. Stephanie intuitively answers my deepest questions and accurately predicts the events that greatly impact my future.  Her readings are right on target! Before working with Stephanie, I’d constantly feel stranded when my life hit a major bump or fork.  My life has changed drastically since I met Stephanie only a year and a half ago. Since then, my spirit is renewed, I am more connected and “in tune” with the universe and I am in touch with my spirit guides and guardian angels and she has taught me to create that which I desire.
I know that through my many life-adventures her guidance will help keep me safe, happy and successful.
Stephanie, I love you!!!